The Body

Bruce and Heather were the founder members of the CNF which started in 1999.

“We wrote these words in 2004 and they are as true today as they were then. As naturists we have a special affinity with our bodies made in the image of God”.

The one mantle that does not change is our body. It may get larger or smaller, it may feel the effect of gravity as the years go by and sag rather more than we would wish, but we cannot change our natural mantle the skin. This human body is a wonder of creation able to adapt to hot or cold, impervious to the wet, yet able to breathe through our pores. The body tissues are in many cases able to repair themselves, the whole body can take heavy punishment yet can endure and bounce back.

The human body comes in a bewildering range of shapes and colours so that each living being is a unique individual. Everyone has at the same time a genetic makeup that traces us back to the original man and woman at the very beginning of true human life.

Strange that as science discovers more about how we are made and what makes us tick, it agrees with the biblical story about the beginnings of life. Adam and Eve are not the figments of our imagination but the Genesis of the whole human race. They were clothed in the same skin we are, they laughed as we laugh, they mistrusted Gods word as we do, they were expelled from Eden and ever since we humans have been trying to get back there.

We naturists can wonder at and admire the human body for what it is, a creation of the highest order. We know the pleasures experienced as we discard our clothes, that regained feeling of pleasure as we experience the sun and air on our bodies, the senses awakened as we draw closer to Gods creation. We can look and accept each other for what we really are; as the Bible says, The Lord God looked upon all he had made and said it was very good.

God does not reject our human bodies nor does He call them rude or shameful; that is human wisdom or should we say folly? I for one do not want to change my body nor do I feel ashamed of it, why should I?

If God made it good then who am I to tell him He is wrong.

One of the better characteristics of naturists is that we can and should accept our own bodies and those of others around us, treating them with the respect and honour they deserve as Gods handiwork. For those of us who are Christians, we can turn to our creator and give him thanks and praise for the bodies He has given us, bodies capable of receiving such simple pleasures as nature can offer us. These pleasures can be enjoyed without cost or damage to our environment. We have much to be thankful for.

Bruce and Heather Cowan

Article and photo Copyright B&H Cowan

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