Bob is a CoE Minister, author and former Chair of CNF

Christianity and Naturism are entirely compatible, but sometimes misunderstood. CNF will give you an opportunity to meet Christians who are also naturists”.

As Christians we accept the Biblical account of how God created the world, loves the world and entered the world through Jesus. Some of the language used in the Bible, written thousands of years ago, can be difficult to understand in the modern era – which is why the church has sermons every Sunday to explain it!

If you are not sure what is meant by “salvation” or what the word “Christ” actually means, then you are missing out on the Good News as presented in the Bible and which is so applicable to us in our mortal body. So please read these next three pages and if you would welcome a conversation then get in touch.

The Bible is divided into two parts. The Old Testament, before Jesus and the New Testament after Jesus. A record of what Jesus said and did was written in four Gospels. The word Gospel means “Good News”. The four Gospel writers were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

One of the first followers of Jesus was called Paul. He travelled from place to place telling people about Jesus. He, and others, wrote letters and these are found in the Bible under the name of the person or the place; eg the Letter to Christians in the City of Rome, is called “Romans”. So Rom 1:16 means, the letter to the Romans, Chapter 1 and Verse 16.

English has changed over the centuries so you will find several translations of the Bible but they all give the same message. The King James Version (KLV) was written in 1611 and the New International Version (NIV) was written in 1973. The Good News Bible (GNB) was written in 1976 using easy to read language.

Many Christians will tell you that their Faith, what they Believe, is not about understanding God at an intellectual level, rather it is about experiencing the love of God who accepts us just as we are; in our nakedness and with all our imperfections. That really is Good News.

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