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Download in .pdf – Taken from Issue of May 2021

New for 2023. A four page leaflet on Nudism in Christian History by Nick Mahew-Smith. It may come as a suprise to some people, but Christians being naked (sometimes as part of a devotional ritual) is nothing new.

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(Three separate downloads)

Top: A postcard sized printout suitable to pin on a noticeboard
Download as a .jpg image

Middle: Double sided tri-fold leaflet “Christianity for Naturists”
Download in .pdf

Bottom: Double sided tri-fold leaflet “Naturism for Christians”
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80 page book. The definitive guide for the Christian Naturist. Easy to read in eight short chapters with explanations cross referenced to the Bible. The author is Rev Bob Horrocks, former Chair of the Christian Naturist Fellowship. The book is available to purchase on line or download free below.

Download in .pdf (1.2MB)

Another “Must Read” book for the Spiritual Naturist. Get inspiration from generations of Christians who have practiced Devotional Nudity. If you are in the habbit of underlining sentances for future reference, make sure your pen is full of ink (About £18 from Amazon). One of many books on the subject by Dr. Nick Mayhew-Smith.

Trevor and Elizabeth Humber were the Lay Chaplains at The Naturist Foundation in Kent between 1993 and 2018, and Trevor was the previous Chair of the Christian Naturist Fellowship. This one page article entitled “Naked and Unashamed” was published in Magnet magazine.

Download in .pdf

Available from Amazon (about £6.50). Large print. Many examples of how the Bible has been translated to clean up the specture of the naked body. Take away the censorship by looking back at the original langauge and restore the text to what it actually said.

A four minute video produced for television with Rev Horrocks. He says, “There are christians who see nakedness as being somehow sinful, but I would encourage them to have a closer look at the Bible

View online with the option to download (29MB)

A 15 page academic paper by Rev Dr Michael P Wilson on the topic “Nakedness, Bodiliness and the New Creation”. He answers the question: “What is an appropriate Christian attitude to nakedness?
Download in .pdf

A four page article from “The Church Times” by Rachel Harden who visited the Naturist Foundation in Kent. She describes what she discovered about Christians in Naturism and mentions an original newspaper cartoon on display showing many vicars all vying to take the next Sunday’s naturist service!
Download in .pdf

Two BBC radio interviews with Rev Horrocks:
Listen Radio Lancaster. 5 mins. Question. “It is really the thing you should be doing?
Listen Radio Merseyside. 7 mins. Visits UK naturist site and talks with family members.

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