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Bruce and Heather – our founders enjoying a quiet moment

To join the Christian Naturist Fellowship please read the Basis of Faith and if you agree with it send your full name and address including postcode via e-mail to the administrator below who will contact you as soon as possible.

We are a UK organisation but do have overseas members. There is no fee for membership.  Contact Us

If you have any comments on problems with this site please contact Webmaster

You may wish to check out our Facebook Site

We hope that you have found this site useful and pray that God may bless you and touch your life afresh with his Holy Spirit

The Chair of CNF may be contacted via Chair

17 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Sorry to have lost contact with you, but I would love to renew my membership and meet up with you again.I went to Liverpool and Telford meetings some years ago and was made very welcome, although I have lapsed since, but as a Christian I believe more strongly than ever in naturism now, coupled with a strong drawing towards vegetarianism.

  2. How is the best way to meet other Christian naturist ?

  3. I am a christian who enjoy living clothes free. You should check out my word press blogs: Spiritual art,Spiritual poetry,Short humorous stories,Article on social political issues.
    I am looking to get to know fellow Christian who enjoy living the way we enter this world.

  4. I want to join I live in the USA

  5. As I was told to moderate my blog.. I am a practicing Christian and see nothing wrong in going naked. We come into the world Naked.. To some extent we go out naked. Up to now I have little or no time for long standing clubs.. as I class my self as a free spirit.. without the ties of the ‘norm’.. Lately I have felt the need to share my beliefs, as you know from last blog, Not to change anyone but to point out a differing opinion if you like. Whatever you believe creation to be, there is only one God and only one Christ. The saviour of us all. Admittedly church life has lapsed, due to constraints of having to be clothed. When in the countryside I feel Gods Earth.. In both Trees, Hedges, Grasses and animal life.. This is if we look after it a truly wonderful planet on just a pin prick in the vastness of the universe.. Treasure this world and love the lord your God Through Christ for this wonderful creation ( However it came into being ), we call Earth.

  6. Hi there, I would like to receive emails for future meetups. Thankyou.

  7. Hello brothers & sisters in the Lord!! Brother Greville constantine here!! I am trying my darnedest to join this group, but it appears as though forces beyond my control are trying to keep me away from you all. Once I can access your wonderful site, I will explain everything. It is just so wonderful to meet fellow believers in Christ who are “naked and not ashamed”!!

  8. Hello brothers & sisters in the Lord!! Brother Greville constantine here!! It is such a pleasure to meet fellow believers in Christ here!!

  9. I am hoping to meet with you at some point. I frequent Cambridgeshire London and Surrey and Hampshire. God bless.

  10. I have just recently moved to Brighton and wondered whether you had any members in the area.
    Please keep me updated on forthcoming events.
    Thank you Geoff Wilson

  11. I’m very interested in naturalism and have questions as a Christian. Would like to meet someone in my area. I live in Barrie Ontario Canada. Can you help me, thanks.

  12. Patrick and Renate

    We are a Patrick and Renate, a dutch couple living in the Malaga aerea in the south of Spain. We are looking for ways to fellowship with other christian naturists. We don’t have the possibilities to travel so as we try to live a kind of Adam and Eve life together on our land and offer our land for wild camping we would love to meet other believers who feel attracted to this way of life as well.

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