CNF Meeting in Kent

6th and 7th Aug 2022

The Naturist Foundation in Kent. (

Still in the planning stage but there will be a time for worship, teaching, debate, games, quiz, and on Sunday we have Holy Communion and a lively worship service: all naked as God intended (depending on the weather!).

Please note that non-naturist spouses are welcome to attend and they will not be asked to undress, provided of course they are comfortable being in a naturist environment! Families are welcome too; please let us know so we can arrange something entertaining for the children. The Naturist Foundation takes child safety seriously and they have a Child Protection Officer.

We recognise that you also come along to enjoy being naturist in a safe and welcoming place so there is free time for you to relax, meet with others, use the sports facilities or simply enjoy a walk in the woods.

(Photo credit: Naturist Foundation)

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