CNF Constitution

Rules and Conventions of the Christian Naturist Fellowship

1. The organisation shall be known as The Christian Naturist Fellowship, (CNF) as founded by Bruce and Heather Cowan in 1999.

2. CNF is a bona fide fellowship of committed Christians regardless of denomination or style of worship. We are drawn together by ourlove for God and by our love for the naturist way of life.

3. CNF exists to provide a meeting place and forum for Christians who enjoy the freedom from clothing in places and activities where they are appropriate. We also want to be a support and encouragement to one another, urging each other on to responsible holy Christian lifestyles.

4. We would ask prospective members to agree to our “Basis of Faith”as a precondition for acceptance into membership.

5. Sharing your name and address and other contact details openly with us is a requirement of membership.

6. All members details will be kept confidential to the committee, and will not be disclosed to any other member/ person/ organisation without their express and prior permission.

7. The committee may refuse or decline to accept any individual into membership.

8. Members shall agree to behave and act appropriately at all times and especially when meeting together, aiming to give glory to God

9. Members who behave in a manner that dishonours their Lord at one of our gatherings may be given a verbal warning or will be asked to leave immediately and will have their membership terminated.

10. Photography of any kind is not permitted without the prior permission of the person or people being photographed.

11.We do not propose to limit the numbers of single people being accepted for membership of CNF, but we may find it necessary to limit the numbers attending any of our events, in order to maintain a healthy non threatening balance between couples/families/singles.

12. A committee of up to 5 members may be formed to co-ordinate the running of the Fellowship. Each committee member may take responsibility for one or more of these functions: Leader; newsletter/prayer letter editor; correspondence/membership secretary, finances, web site design and content; P.R.O and media representative; worship co-ordinator.

13. Committee members may be available to conduct a range of services such as weddings, wedding blessings, renewal of vows, funerals, memorials, prayers for healing as appropriate.

Revised July 2009

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