CNF Basis of Faith

The Christian Naturist Fellowship has members from many different backgrounds and church traditions. We are all united in following of Jesus Christ. Shown below is a summary of what we believe.

We believe in one God. Jesus is the living embodiment of God. At the dawn of time, he ignited human history when he spoke. He breathed life into the first man and woman – and every part of creation.

However, we rebelled and followed our own ways. Our sin poisoned his perfect creation. Sin separated us from God so he sent his Son Jesus to enter into the world he created – the one broken by our sin.

Jesus became human like us and willingly died on a cross to save us from God’s judgment and to be a means of reconciliation between us and God.

On the third day, he returned to life, defeating death forever. Now, he sits in heaven, offering new life through the Holy Spirit to all those who believe and trust in him, are willing to turn away from their past, and are ready to start afresh.

Basis of Faith -Revised Dec 2021

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