Welcome to the Christian Naturist Fellowship website


We are a group of Christians from many different parts of the country and many different denominations united by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.We also enjoy the naturist way of life and have found that being unclothed is totally compatible with our faith and, indeed, that it enhances our awareness of God and His creation.

What do we do?

We do the third part of our name – enjoy fellowship together. As we are so far apart geographically we take several opportunities throughout the year to meet together at various venues either for a day or a week end. We enjoy the sunshine and the facilities at different clubs, we have discussions on Christian things, we do a lot of chatting and usually conclude our day with an informal service. We also produce regular newsletters to keep in touch, share with one another, and encourage one another in our walk of faith.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Christian Naturist Fellowship website

  1. Thank you for this site. I believe that naturism and Christianity are compatible, I also believe that naturism should be practised within certain parameters. The bible has a lot to say about nakedness and nudity, e.g. “good and bad” nudity. But there is much more. I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus my Lord, who shed His blood for all of my sins. Have a look at my blog and comment on my views regarding marriage, sex, nudity, freedom, etc.
    Have a blessed day

  2. As a Christian,I have a different view on naturism.I do not “justify” my nudity onAdam,but I do base my naturist life style on the New Testament.The identity of the Christian,and the Naturist Christian,is not in the fact or reality of their nudity,but on who Christ is in us.
    Modesty is a verry interesting word,and one would often hear this objection from evangelicals,that God requires modesty,but in actual fact,the greek meaning of modesty means to “dress down”.
    One can be a textile and be immodest.Not being modest,involves being robust,overwhelming,making a statement,over dressing to impress,over jewelrising yourself,being loud,always on the foreground,unteachable ,pidefull,boisterous and loud.
    One can be a naturist and be modest,you can be naked and be modest,by serving others,loving others,remain humble,be teachable,submissive,and not being boisterous,not being assertive,gentle and on the back ground.These are traits of modesty.
    AS A CHRISTIAN,my identity is Christ…one can be naturist budist,moslem,atheist etc…but I am a Christian Naturist…That means I am a Christian,blood washed,sanctified and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ,and I also happen to be a naturist.
    God ios not concerned about the outer person.Jesus said that we take no thought for clothing or food…but seek Him first.he said,where our treasure is,there is our heart.To me,Christ is the treasure.My heart lies with Him,
    My son was raised a nudist/naturist,and he always insisted in devotions,that we be naked,and asking him why he insisted being naked,especially in devotions,he said that we are ggenuine,and have nothing to hide from God.If we are naked before God,we should also be naked before man,or else we are hypocrites.As a Christian,my identity is Christ as my life,not that I am a nudist.Christ is the redeemer.This body is a temple of God,he dwells in this body..it is a temple of the Spirit…and we ought not to be ashamed of it.
    If one looks at the temple of Israel,and the tabernacle,it was never covered,always exposed…and God dwelt inside of it,and is that not what our bodies are?A temple?Should the body be covered then,there is no reason.
    When Evangelicals are faced with a naturist,they like pointing out that God wanted man to be clothed,thats is why he made them clothing of skin…but the truth is..God never cursed nudity…he cursed the sin,he cursed the serpent,never nudity!Being naked is not a sin…but what I do with my nudity,that becomes sin.God covered Adam and Eve,not because of their genitals,but they sought a self righteousness,and made fig leaves…they had left the presence of God.In their sinless state,they were naked,stripped from sin and unrighteousness,but covered by God…but once they sinned,they were stripped of God as their covering,and now stood naked,seperated from His protection.
    Just one question..when God came and spoke to Adam in the cool of the evening…what was He wearing?Yet scripture says,Adam was made in the likeness and Image of God.Perhaps God also appeared naked,in the form of a male…
    God never condemned nudity.In the New Testament,Jesus was crucified naked…and we were reconciled to God,Redeemed…as Adam was with the presence of God,so are we.St.Francis said that in the naked Christ,shame was destroyed.In the naked Christ,I can be shamelessly naked as well.
    God is not phased by my penis as a male,He created it…but what stirs God,is if I have a living relationship with Christ.If I sanctify my nudity to Christ,I would not want to do anything to hurt this Christ in me.This body,this penis,is sanctified unto the Lord,I will not make it part of a whore or immorality.Christians are those who ought to be naked,who ought to be naturists,but unless we do not allow Christ to sanctify us wholly,and wholly sanctify our nudity and our bodies and our genitals to Him,we will fall into sin…just my opinion.

  3. It is hopefully part of your understanding of your faith as we are whole individuals before God. Come to one of the fellowship meetings on our Calendar of Events page or read the small booklet “Uncovering the Image” which is a free download on our Downloads Page

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