Christian Naturist Fellowship

A UK based organisation to support, inform and encourage Christian Naturists

Checkout our list of exclusive CNF 2022 face-to-face meetings in Kent, and Telford. Visit our Events Page for more info.

Also, meet CNF members at BN events, see Events Page for how to get in touch.

The June Edition of the CNF newsletter is now available in the Members Only section.

The Christian Naturist Fellowship Aims To:

  • Provide support and encouragement for Christian Naturists.
  • Help Christian Naturists to study the Bible and show how their Faith and Naturism are compatible.
  • Encourage Christian Naturists to share their Faith with fellow Naturists.
  • Provide answers to Naturists interested in finding out how Christ is relevant to their lives today.

Who are we?

We are Christians from all over the UK, and around the world, from many different denominations united by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We enjoy the naturist way of life and have found that being unclothed is totally compatible with our faith and, indeed, that it enhances our awareness of God and His creation. Read our Basis of Faith.

What do we do?

We meet weekly and monthly online, and during the summer we hold events at Naturist clubs around the UK, including our main event in Kent. We circulate a bi-monthly newsletter to members. We encourage people who may not be Christian or a Naturist to learn more about both. Also, we are able to give talks on Christianity and Naturism to Church or Secular groups who are seeking a speaker.

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